Smart SIM Card Production Systems
Datum Design
Datum Design
Smart SIM Card Production Systems

Smart SIM Card Production Systems

Smart SIM Card Production Systems
Model shown is the XY2/3

Datum smart card processing systems comprise of 4 main modules, which can be configured as stand alone machines or as an integrated system. Chip encoding can be carried out on our CT range of machines or, for memory chips, be integrated with the PP3. We offer a variety of optional features* according to module and customer needs.

  1. Chip Reject Module Counter
  2. Adhesive Punch
  3. Chip Tester
  4. Camera Inspection System
  5. Pneumatic Chuck 6. Double Cutting Head System
  6. GSM Sim Card Punching
  7. Chip Registration System
Model Dimensions (mm) Max Speed(up to/around) Mechanical Product Details Optional Features*
  H W D     (1-8)
XY2/3 1630 2320 1050 20 cards
per min
The XY2 cavity milling machine prepares cards for chip insertion by producing a cavity area to suit the require module, using high speed cutters. The XY3 features a twin head unit to increase production output. 4 5 6
LM2 1575 1300 500 80 modules
per min
The chip module adhesive applicator pre-melts glue to the rear of the micro chip modules in preparation for embedding into card bodies. 1 2 3
PP3 1630 1460 1050 40 cards
per min
This punch and place machine will remove chip modules (from 35mm format) with adhesive pre-tacked to them and bond them into prepared plastic cards 4 8
CP1 500 650 550 100 cards
per min
A versatile automated bench top machine for punching holes into ISO PVC cards. Features an integrated, automatic feeder and an output stacking conveyor.  
CP2 1330 900 700 40 cards
per min
Used to skeleton punch profiles from a standard ISO card. Tooling is available for GSM Sim modules, or can be custom made for many other profiles e.g. round cards etc. 4 7 8
All machines require: Power - 220v AC unless otherwise specified.
Clean Dry Air - 90 PSI.
ISO7810 Cards unless otherwise stated.
Design subject to change without notification.
Actual speeds will be dependant on products used, settings and configuration.

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Smart SIM Card Production Systems


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